Hats Off w/ G Dash Jones

Hat’s Off w/ Gdashjones: A Must-Watch Instagram Talk Show
Hat’s Off w/ Gdashjones is an Instagram-based talk show that has quickly become a premier platform for discovering and celebrating influential voices across various industries. Hosted by the dynamic G Dash Jones, the show airs every Thursday at 7:30 PM EST on Instagram Live, with full replays available on www.gdashjones.com and YouTube.
What to Expect:
Exclusive Interviews: G Dash Jones dives deep with local and virtual tastemakers, game changers, artists of all mediums, event producers, business owners excelling and disrupting their fields, and non-profit leaders with impactful programs.
Insider Knowledge: By interviewing gatekeepers and locksmiths, G Dash Jones extracts invaluable “keys” to success, ensuring everyone knows how to get in and thrive in their respective fields.
G Dash Updates Your Calendar: This unique segment presents upcoming events in the form of a captivating poem, keeping viewers informed and entertained.
Hat Tip Segment: G Dash Jones takes a moment to express gratitude and acknowledge recent accomplishments of local events and people, fostering a sense of community.
Advice for the Ages: Each guest offers heartfelt advice to a younger version of themselves, contextualized for today’s world, providing timeless wisdom for viewers.
Spoken Word Poetry: In an impressive display of creativity, G Dash Jones turns a word provided by his guests into an improvisational spoken word poem, adding a personal and artistic touch to each episode.
Why Watch:
Engaging Content: Every episode is packed with inspiration, practical advice, and unique artistic expressions.
Community Focus: The show highlights local achievements and provides a platform for voices that are making a difference.
Interactive Experience: Viewers can engage live on Instagram, enhancing the sense of connection and community.
Convenient Replays: Missed an episode? Catch the full replays on www.gdashjones.com or YouTube at your convenience.
Join the Conversation: Tune in to Hat’s Off w/ Gdashjones every Thursday at 7:30 PM EST on Instagram Live. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders, discover upcoming events, and enjoy the artistry of spoken word poetry. Follow G Dash Jones for updates and exclusive content that keeps you connected to the pulse of innovation and creativity.

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