G’Jurel “G Dash” Jones is the creator of DE x DE (DEstined X DEtermination) an arts & wellness brand that incorporates elements of entertainment for the purpose of growth and betterment of society in personal, professional and public arenas.            

The mission is to create and publish content that connects people, creates understanding, uplifts and inspires while maintaining realism in every aspect.  The goal is to provide improv and pre-scripted performances, as well as hosting engagements that captivate a crowd with a feel good and sometimes themed show.  The public speaking events are made to help motivate your team, reinvigorate your leadership, and/or encourage small business and corporations to advance in various spaces.  The workshops are constructed to build artist development, public speaking, virtual and in-person professional skillsets. 

Jones has written poetry since my teenage years. He published is first book in 2020. De X De Vol. 1 The Willing is the first to be released of the trilogy.  His written works have inspired thought, broadened perspectives, and built understandings.  Jones’ story has been helpful for growth and healing in a lot of ways. He has graced many stages with a highly energetic, engaging and given entertaining show.  This has been displayed when hosting various event and festivals.  He has have performed shows with various themes that span from a Holiday theme, to a “Rent” Themed (based around the play) shows for kids, and show for Adults Only, nationally. He has taught professional development and training for over 14 years and is well versed in virtual or in person options.  Trainings span from management, sales, to resource utilization.  Building growth in others has always been one of his passions and it shows within his trainings.

DE x DE’s purpose is to connect people to information in ways that are digestible, relatable, and engaging.  While growing up in the inner-city, and being considered an “at risk” youth, Jones learned how possible it is to grow outside of your circumstances.  He consistently expressed this in his written works and spoken word.  The goal is to always provide hope and encouragement to those who may need it. People are often told to just “do better”.  They are rarely told how and that’s why Jones is here to assist with – he always wants to encourage people to be DEstined by DEtemination.